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Business Woman deciding to use Inc Domains suggester tool Domain Name Generator to safe time and a very hard time on the tedious task of finding the right domain for her business and brand.

Ever tried to find a domain name? Did you write a bunch of ideas on your notepad, make a list of pros and cons and pour your third cup of coffee? All of this over a domain name? You're not alone.

We at .inc get why a domain name is so important to you. It's important to us too. So we decided to make a tool to help you develop the best domain name for you.

So stop agonizing over finding that unicorn of a domain name, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

The Importance of a Good Domain Name

Why is it so important to have a great domain name? After all, it's just a web address. Turns out, there are quite a few reasons.

First Impression

Your domain name is often the first thing people see when they come to your website. It's like meeting someone for the first time. You want to make a good impression, and a great domain name will help you do that.

Think of it this way- if you met someone whose name was "John Smith," you wouldn't think much of it. But if you met someone named "John' The Rock' Smith," you would probably think he was pretty cool. A domain name is like a person's name- it's the first thing people see and can make a good or bad impression.


Your domain name is a big part of your brand. It's how people will remember you and a great way to build brand recognition.

Think of some of the most successful brands in the world. What do their domain names have in common? They're short, they're easy to remember, and they're unique. That's what you should be aiming for with your domain name.

Digital Presence

In today's digital world, having a strong online presence is more important than ever. Your domain name is a big part of that. It's your home on the web and how people will find you.

A great domain name can help you build a strong online presence and reach more people. It's an essential part of doing business in the digital age.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

You're still here, which only means one thing- you haven't found the perfect domain name yet. Don't worry; we're here to help. Here are some tips to get you started:

Business woman using Inc Domains suggester tool to pick a domain that includes a targeted keyword related to her industry. Thanks Domain Name Generator!

Include Targeted Keywords

Picking the right domain name is essential to the success of any online venture. A domain name is the web address that visitors will type into their browser to access your site, and it can also be used as a tool for marketing and branding. When choosing a domain name, it's important to consider both SEO and branding objectives. For example, a domain that includes targeted keywords can help improve your site's search engine ranking, while a catchy or memorable name can help build brand awareness. Ultimately, the best domain name is one that meets both of these objectives. By taking the time to choose a thoughtful and strategic domain name, you'll set your business up for success from the very beginning.

Team ensuring their domain is easy to pronounce and spell thanks the Domain Name Generator tool by Inc Domains.

Ensure Your Domain is Easy to Pronounce and Spell

When choosing a domain name for your website, it is important to choose something that is easy to pronounce and spell. This will help visitors find your site more easily and make it more likely that they will remember your URL. However, you should also avoid choosing a domain name that is too common or generic, as this could make it more difficult for visitors to find your site amongst the millions of other websites on the internet. By choosing a unique and easy-to-use domain name, you can help ensure that your website stands out from the crowd.

Business man happy to have avoided hyphens, special characters and numbers in his new domain thanks to the Domain Name Generator tool by Inc Domains!!

Avoid Hyphens, Special Characters & Numbers

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your website, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, steer clear of hyphens and special characters. These can make it difficult for people to remember your URL and can also be easily confused with other words or syllables. For example, a site called "" could be mistaken for "" or "" Second, avoid using numbers in your domain name. Words are easier to remember than numbers, and you don't want people to have to guess whether they should include the "5" or not. Finally, keep it short and sweet.

A long domain name may be easy to forget and can take up a lot of space on business cards and other marketing materials.

Team working relaxed because they have found a perfect and short domain for their business using the Domain Name Generator tool by Inc Domains

Keep Your Domain Name Short

Choosing the perfect domain name can be essential to the success of your website or blog. A good domain name should be short, easy to remember, and relevant to your site's content. In addition, it's important to choose a domain name that has not already been registered by someone else. While there are many creative ways to come up with a unique domain name, sometimes the simplest approach is the best. For example, if you are starting a website about travel, you could use the word "journey" in your domain name. Or, if you are launching a blog about fashion, you could use the word "style" in your domain name. Keeping your domain name short and simple will make it easier for people to find your site and remember its address.

Business woman that is keeping her business unique and on-brand thans to the domain she got using the suggester tool Domain Name Generator by Inc Domains

Stay Unique & On-Brand

A domain name is your identity on the internet; it's how customers find your website, and it's often the first impression people will have of your brand. That's why it's important to choose a domain name that is both unique and on-brand. You want people to remember your domain name and associate it with your business, so avoid using generic or unmemorable words. At the same time, you don't want your domain name to be so strange that people can't pronounce it or spell it correctly.

Once you've settled on a domain name, be sure to register it with a reputable domain registrar. This will help protect your brand and prevent someone else from using your domain name. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your domain name will effectively represent your brand and help you attract more customers.

Business man picking a domain that is flexible and expandable in the Domain Name Generator tool by Ind Domains.

Pick a Domain Name That's Flexible & Expandable

One of the worst mistakes you can make is choosing a domain name that's too specific. For example, if you're starting a blog about fashion for women over 50, you might be tempted to choose the domain name But what happens if your blog becomes popular and you want to expand your content to include fashion for men or fashion for women of all ages? Suddenly, your domain name no longer makes sense.

Instead, choose a more generic domain name that can grow with your business. For example, is much more flexible than You can always add keywords to your domain name later on if you want to be more specific (, but starting with a generic domain name will give you more room to grow.

Business woman checking the availability of her new domain name in Social Media to keep her brand constant. Domain suggested by the Domain Name Generator tool that Inc Domains has created and offers use for FREE!!

Check Social Media for Availability

In today's world, having a strong social media presence is essential, and that starts with having consistent branding across all platforms. If your desired domain name is already taken on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, that could create confusion for potential customers and make it more difficult for them to find you online.

So before you register your domain name, be sure to use Inc Domain's Social Media Username Checker to see if it's available. Choosing a domain name is important for any business, so take the time to do it right.

100 Domain Name Ideas

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