Top Reasons to Choose .Inc for Your Business Domain

May 25, 2023
Top Reasons to Choose .Inc for Your Business Domain

If you plan to establish your business's online presence, one of the primary decisions is choosing a domain name. While several domain extensions are available, including .com, .net, and .org, .inc is emerging as a top choice among businesses of all sizes. Apart from creating a professional and authoritative image, .inc offers various benefits that can elevate your brand to new heights. In this article, we'll delve into why you should opt for .inc as your business domain extension, highlighting its advantages and the value it adds to your brand.

What Is a TLD?

TLD refers to the Top-Level Domain, which denotes the last segment of a domain name like .com, .org, .net, or .Inc. TLDs indicate the purpose or category of an organization related to a website. 

There exist two types of TLDs

  • generic TLDs (gTLDs)
  • country-code TLDs (ccTLDs)

gTLDs are utilized for global organizations and can be registered by anyone, while ccTLDs are specific to a particular country or region. 

Purpose of a TLD in Your Business

Having a TLD (Top-Level Domain) in your business aims to create a distinct online identity that truly reflects your brand. A TLD can signify the type of business or the geographical location of your enterprise. For example, .com TLD is usually employed for commercial companies, whereas non-profit organizations use .org TLD. Similarly, country-specific TLDs like or .ca can help identify your business's location and enhance confidence among local customers.

The choice of the appropriate TLD can also impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and enhance your online visibility. 

For example, opting for a TLD pertinent to your industry or niche, such as .tech for a technology-based business, can simplify understanding your website's purpose for search engines and improve your ranking in search results.

In summary, choosing the suitable TLD is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your brand identity, SEO, and online presence. It's essential to thoughtfully evaluate your options and pick a TLD that precisely represents your business and aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

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Reasons to Choose .inc

Selecting a domain name for your business can be daunting, with so many options available. However, .inc has emerged as a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. As a top-level domain (TLD) specifically designed for corporations, .inc offers numerous benefits that can help your brand gain credibility and recognition online. By choosing .inc as your online business domain, you can set your brand apart from the competition and establish a strong online presence. From improved SEO to increased brand protection, .inc offers a range of features that make it a strategic choice for any business looking to establish itself in the digital marketplace. This article will explore why you should consider using .inc as your business domain.

Domain Security and Brand Protection

What is Domain Security, Why Is It Important, And How .Inc Ensures It?

Ensuring your online business's security is paramount, and domain security plays a vital role in safeguarding your brand and reputation. It involves a series of measures to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or hijacking of your domain name. Your domain name is a valuable asset that cyber criminals often target, so protecting it is crucial.

To secure your domain, you must use strong and unique passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep the registration information up-to-date. Working with a trustworthy domain registrar that provides advanced security features like DNSSEC and domain locking is also essential. These measures can help prevent unauthorized changes or transfers of your domain, ensuring you maintain complete control over your online presence.

If you opt for a .inc domain for your online business, you can also boost your domain security. This is because .inc is a top-level domain (TLD) specifically reserved for corporations, meaning only legitimate businesses can register domain names with this extension. This exclusivity of .inc domains helps to prevent domain hijacking and other malicious activities associated with domain names. Moreover, .inc offers advanced security features like DNSSEC and domain locking, which can further enhance the security of your domain name. By choosing .inc, you can rest assured that your online presence is well-protected from cyber threats.

What Is Brand Protection, Why Is It Important, and How .Inc Helps Securing Your Brand's Identity?

Brand protection refers to the methods and actions taken by a business to safeguard its brand identity and reputation. It includes protecting the brand from infringement, counterfeiting, and other malicious activities that can damage its value. Brand protection is critical for maintaining consumer trust and loyalty and protecting the business's bottom line.

Brand protection strategies typically involve monitoring and enforcing trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. This includes monitoring online marketplaces, social media platforms, and other channels for unauthorized use of the brand's assets. It also involves legal action against infringers to protect the brand's value and prevent consumer confusion.

Opting for .inc as your business domain can also strengthen your brand protection. .inc is a top-level domain (TLD) exclusively reserved for corporations, ensuring that only legitimate businesses can register domain names with this extension. 

Instant Credibility

When you choose .inc for your business,  your domain's credibility and reputation among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders are instantly elevated. Why so? It is because .Inc is TLD that adds legitimacy and exclusivity to your brand.

The .inc TLD is concise, memorable, and easy to recall, making it simpler for customers to find and remember your brand. Furthermore, the .inc extension exudes a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness, as it is associated with established corporations and businesses. This can strengthen customer and investor confidence in your brand and enhance its reputation.

It saves Time and Money

The .inc domain is short, meaningful, and easy to remember, which can save you time and money on advertising costs. Customers can easily find your brand's website through organic search results or by directly entering your domain name.

Secondly, it enables businesses to register their preferred domain name without being concerned about paying extra for a high-demand or reserved domain name. Essentially, this means that businesses can register any available .inc domain name at a standard price without any added fees or premiums, regardless of the popularity or commonness of the name. This characteristic can save businesses significant money and time while granting them greater flexibility and independence in choosing their desired domain name for their online presence.

Thirdly, opting for a .inc domain can save you legal fees for safeguarding your brand's identity and reputation. As a TLD reserved explicitly for corporations, .inc helps deter brand infringement and other malicious activities that come with domain names, ultimately decreasing the need for legal action to protect your brand.

Lastly, .inc provides advanced security features like DNSSEC and domain locking to enhance the security of your domain name and shield it from cyber threats. This can save you both time and money associated with the repercussions of a cyberattack or handling a domain hijacking.

Global Ranking

Using a .inc domain for your business can enhance your global ranking by improving credibility, trustworthiness, website traffic, engagement, and security. The .inc top-level domain (TLD) is widely recognized and respected, and search engines consider domain names a ranking factor. By choosing a .inc domain, your website can receive an instant boost in rankings. 

The .inc extension's short, memorable, and meaningful nature of the .inc extension can also make it easier for customers to find and remember your website, leading to increased traffic and engagement. Lastly, the advanced security features offered by .inc can enhance website security and protect it from cyber threats, improving user trust and confidence.

No limitations (In terms of Industry and Geography)

The "No limitations (In terms of Industry and Geography)" feature offered by .inc domain is another exceptional characteristic that allows businesses across all industries and geographies to register a .inc domain name. Unlike many other TLDs that have restrictions on specific industries or regions, .inc offers complete freedom for businesses to select a domain name that best represents their brand, regardless of their industry or location. This feature can assist businesses in creating a global online presence, reaching out to new customers, and expanding their brand beyond their local market. Moreover, the flexibility provided by this feature can enable businesses to adapt to changing market trends and venture into new industries or regions.

Big Brands Who Rebranded with .Inc - Check Who’s Buying

Introducing the .inc top-level domain (TLD) in 2019 has led to the rebranding of numerous well-known businesses and brands to a .inc domain, creating a distinctive and exclusive online identity that aligns with their business goals. This article will delve into some of the major brands that have switched to .inc and the rationale behind their decision.

Amazon Inc

Amazon acquired the .inc domain in 2019 and rebranded its corporate website to, establishing a unique identity aligned with its mission to be the world's most customer-centric company. 


Levi Strauss & Co, the American clothing company, rebranded their corporate website to Levi' in 2019 to create a distinct identity that helps them stand out in a crowded online marketplace. 

LinkedIn Inc

Following Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, the professional networking platform rebranded its website to in 2020, providing a clear identity that aligns with the company's mission to connect professionals worldwide.

In the same year, Zillow, the American online real estate marketplace, rebranded its website to to create an exclusive identity that aligns with its mission to make buying and selling real estate more efficient and transparent.

Slack, the collaboration platform, also rebranded its website to in 2019, aiming to differentiate itself from other collaboration platforms and establish a unique online presence.

Similarly, the financial services company, Square, rebranded its website to in 2019 to create an exclusive identity that aligns with its mission to empower businesses of all sizes.

The electronic signature technology company DocuSign also rebranded its website to in 2019 to create a unique identity that aligns with its mission to simplify signing documents online.

The note-taking app rebranded its website to in 2019, aiming to differentiate itself from other note-taking apps and establish a unique online presence.

Glossier, the beauty brand, rebranded its website to in 2019, providing a distinct identity that aligns with its mission to celebrate real beauty and empower women. 

Rent the

Finally, Rent the Runway, the fashion rental service, also rebranded its website to Rent the in 2019, providing an exclusive identity that aligns with its mission to make women feel confident and empowered.


In conclusion, the .inc domain provides several unique advantages to businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. With its premium branding, global recognition, and reputation as a domain exclusively for businesses, .inc can help companies establish themselves as leaders in their industry. The domain also offers unique features such as no premium or reserved names, no limitations in terms of industry and geography, and enhanced security measures that provide businesses with greater flexibility, protection, and peace of mind.

Several prominent brands have already rebranded to a .inc domain, demonstrating its effectiveness in establishing a unique and exclusive online identity. Choosing a .inc domain can also help businesses stand out in a crowded online marketplace, differentiate themselves from competitors, and attract more customers.

Overall, the .inc domain offers businesses a powerful tool for building their brand, expanding their reach, and achieving their business objectives. It is an excellent choice for companies looking to establish a strong online presence and elevate their brand to the next level.

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