Best Domain Extension (2023 Update)

December 12, 2022
Best Domain Extension (2023 Update)

It's no secret that the internet has taken over the world. In fact, it's hard to find an industry that the web hasn't disrupted in one way or another. And while there are many different parts to the internet, domain extensions may be one of the most important. Here's why.

Domain extensions are essentially what makes a website a website. They're the part of the URL that comes after the dot (.) and before the extension (.inc, .com, etc.). And while they may not seem like a big deal, they play a massive role in how we use and interact with websites. In fact, they can even impact SEO rankings!

That's why choosing the right domain extension is so important. Not only do you want to pick one that reflects your brand or business, but you also want to ensure it will be around for years to come. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options out there. So, here's an update on the best domain extensions for 2023.


The "inc" extension has become increasingly popular for corporate, brands, and business websites. It stands for "Incorporated," so it's a perfect fit for companies of all sizes looking to showcase their professionalism and credibility. This extension provides a premium sense of credibility and establishes an official presence on the web.

In addition, the .inc extension has more available names than the .com space, so you may have an easier time finding a unique domain name or domain name that is an exact match of your brand name.

Who is the .inc Domain For?

The .inc domain is perfect for any business, brand, or organization that wants to establish an official presence on the web. It's a great way to showcase professionalism and credibility and help your website stand out from the competition. Whether you're a startup, small business, or large corporation, this extension can be an excellent choice for 2023.

Is the .inc Domain Good for SEO?

.inc domains can provide great value for businesses looking to enhance their SEO and create a credible online presence. These domains offer the advantage of finding exact match keywords, which can significantly benefit SEO performance by reducing competition, helping potential leads find your website faster, and improving the visibility of your website in search engine results pages. In addition, using a .inc domain can also help establish a credible identity for your business, as prospective customers may associate them more strongly with established companies and organizations that have succeeded in their fields.

Lastly, having a .inc domain can also create a great first impression when potential customers visit your website. As they recognize you are part of an elite group of brands that use the same domain extension, they will be more likely to trust your company and content. Therefore, there is little doubt that the .inc domain is an excellent way to significantly boost SEO initiatives while giving your business the image it needs to appeal to the right people.


.com is perhaps the most common and recognizable domain extension out there. It stands for "commercial" and is the default choice for most businesses and websites. While it may not be as "official" as the .inc extension or even provide a more generic approach, it's still widely accepted and recognized.

Who is the .com Domain For?

Anyone! The .com extension is perfect for personal use and organizations of all sizes. It's a great choice if you want your website to be easily found on the web and are looking for an established domain name space. Whether you're just starting or are an established business, the .com domain can help you stand out and be found online.

Is the .com Domain Good for SEO?

While a .com is historically trusted and widely known, search engines recognize the significance of other extensions such as .inc and prioritize content that uses this ending. Therefore, companies wanting to make their mark in SERPs should think beyond the traditional .com option. The .inc extension communicates the message that this is the official website of a business entity and can often rank higher when used correctly. In addition to being good for SEO, using a .inc suffix adds credibility with customers by demonstrating stability in a brand's presence on the web.

By breaking away from conventional options, businesses can more effectively compete in crowded web markets and stand out to potential customers. Ultimately, while still considered good for SEO purposes, a .com domain isn't as advantageous as a .inc extension to improve visibility on search engine results pages.


The "CO" top-level domain is qualified for delegation per ICANN policy since it is the assigned ISO 3166-1 two-letter code symbolizing Colombia. This means this domain is a Country-Specific Top Level Domain, but it is open to registration by anyone. However, registering a country-specific domain extension such as this has disadvantages. For example, if your website targets a global audience, then some people might be unable to access it due to certain restrictions.

Who is the .co Domain For?

The .co domain extension is a great choice for people, businesses in Colombia, or anyone who wants to establish a presence in that country. It's also an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and startups looking to stand out from the competition. While it may not be as widely recognized as the .inc extension, it is still an attractive option. Plus, since it has more available names than other extensions, you may have a better chance of finding a unique name.

Is the .co Domain Good for SEO?

When launching a new website or business, choosing the right domain extension is essential in establishing a digital presence. Besides considering availability and cost, businesses need to assess how various domain extensions may affect SEO efforts. The .co domain is one of the most popular alternative extensions that has grown in popularity with businesses looking for a more modern feel than the traditional .com. However, while using this domain offers certain advantages over others in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), it still falls behind some other extensions, most notably the .inc extension.

The primary benefit of using a .co domain is that it helps to gain local visibility without requiring additional marketing effort. Since countries use their geographic codes as their domains - such as for the UK - customers looking for local options can easily find them when searching against specific keywords. Additionally, many search engines favor local domains over global ones since users may look for localized goods or services rather than global ones. This factor gives those with .co domains an advantage compared to those with less localized prefixes like .com or .org in a particular country.

On the other hand, businesses should understand that this additional visibility does not equate to greater SEO efficacy overall. Other extensions provide benefits depending on what type of discernment engine algorithms are utilized by Google and other search engines at any given time. For example, some studies suggest that extensions like '.inc' carry significantly higher weight when algorithms weigh web content recognition against national origins and related keyword sets, suggesting higher overall ranking power than a general 'catch-all.'

In short, businesses interested in maximizing their online presence should consider registering various domain extensions instead of relying solely on one or two to get the best results possible from ongoing SEO efforts and attract more customers simultaneously from different local regions worldwide. 


The "NET" top-level domain is a generic domain extension used by many Internet service providers (ISPs) and businesses. While it may not be as official or recognizable as the .inc or .com extensions, it still has its benefits. For example, it's often used for websites related to networking, technical services, and other professional services.

Who is the .net Domain For?

The .net extension is suitable for anyone who creates a website related to networking, technical services, or professional services. It's also great for entrepreneurs and startups who want to establish a presence on the web. Plus, since it has more available names than other extensions, you may have better luck finding a unique name.

Is the .net Domain Good for SEO?

In the world of SEO, there are numerous domain extensions to choose from. While the .net domain is a popular choice for creating a website, it is important to consider how it affects SEO efforts. Specifically, what is the effect of using .net compared to other domain extensions? The answer is that .net can be beneficial for SEO; however, other available extensions provide more pronounced benefits.

For example, the .inc extension offers improved search engine optimization and enhanced visibility and recognition within the industry. It also carries an overall sense of professionalism that can prove advantageous when trying to rank higher in search results. Therefore, while the .net domain extension may still be suitable for certain websites or businesses, it does not offer all of the benefits associated with other less popular alternatives such as .inc. Ultimately, careful consideration should be given to both types of extensions before settling on a final choice.


The "ORG" top-level domain is a generic domain extension used for non-commercial websites. While it may not be as official or recognizable as the .inc extension, it can still benefit specific organizations and businesses. For example, it's often used by charities and non-profits who want to establish a presence on the web.

Who is the .org Domain For?

The .org extension often indicates that an entity is affiliated with a non-profit, educational institute, or charitable organization. In fact, many organizations use the ".org" setting to communicate their mission and values to web visitors. Additionally, these types of URLs can provide a boost when attempting to appear in traditional search engine results. As such, they're often beneficial for businesses interested in developing credibility and trust among their target audiences.

Is the .org Domain Good for SEO?

The .org domain has been around for a few decades and is still popular among those who want to show their website's dedication to non-profit or educational organizations. But how does it affect SEO? .org can offer certain benefits; however, these may not be as great as businesses seeking an established presence on the internet might expect. Although search engines are often more likely to prefer a trusted site with an authoritative domain name, the .inc extension could offer more SEO value. After all, search engines need independent validation of a company's accomplishments, and using such a specialized suffix may do just that.

Thus, while the .org domain may improve SEO rankings, a more effective strategy would involve owning a recognizable .org and a prominent .inc domain name. Overall, while the .org domain remains beneficial in boosting organic rankings, utilizing the .inc extension could prove even more advantageous for businesses hoping to reach higher up on search engine results pages.


Ultimately, your chosen domain name is essential and should reflect your desired message and SEO goals. By researching the various available options, you can make an informed decision that will better support the needs of your website or business in the long run.

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