10 Powerful Business Name Generators to Quick-start Your Business

March 26, 2024
10 Powerful Business Name Generators to Quick-start Your Business

Here for a business name generator tool? Well! Let me assume that you have already visualized your service or product or even your minimum viable product is ready to be launched. But you can’t hit the market as you are still desperately looking for the best name for your brainchild. 

No worries! This is a ubiquitous phase in an entrepreneur’s journey and crucial too. Do not be too hasty to fix a name for your business. Remember each small brick matters when you set up your kingdom. Nomenclature is one such important step, to be more accurate when it’s your business, it plays the same vital role as the quality of your product or service. Both go hand in hand. If people recognize the existence of your business through the product or service, the name of your business is the existence itself. We will discuss the top 10 powerful business name generator tools to help you pick the right fit. 

Powerful Business Name Generators in 2023

Now you know that an appropriate name is of so much importance in the success of your business. Before you proceed with these tools, be very clear about your brand and its outcome. 

.inc: Domain Name Generator

No wonder that coming up with the best suitable name for your business becomes difficult when you are about to materialize your venture. Get.inc can be the one-stop solution for you if you get stuck at this initial stage. It’s super easy to use and a completely free tool. In order to get creative name ideas, all you have to do is to enter your company name, current domain or URL, and the industry type. Once you click on generate suggestions, you will get a list full of names for your business. The best part is you will see premium name ideas along with the buy button and the price. You can easily compare and buy instantly to start with.

If you are unsure about which name suits your brainchild the best, you can scroll down the page and you will find tips for choosing the perfect domain name. Also, if you want to know more about .inc domain, visit the FAQ section to find your answers. 

Namelix: One of the Best Business Name Generators

If you are looking for an easy-to-use site to pick up the best names for your business, you should try Namelix. It will come up with short, brandable business name ideas. After you put your keyword and press ‘Generate’, you have to choose your desired ‘Name Style’, ‘Randomness’, and ‘Brand info’ for your upcoming venture. Once you are done with these small steps, you will be flooded with a bunch of relevant names. 

Pick yours! Once done with the name, you will get a lot of options to choose your logo with different colors, fonts, icons, and layout ideas. 

Even registering your domain is just one click away with Namelix. If you do not want to be hasty in deciding on the domain, you can just use the platform to pick up the name. 

Wix Free Business Name Generator, Company Name Ideas

Wix has successfully secured a place in entrepreneurs’ lists of favorite tools. Its ADI technology is widely trusted by a large number of aspiring business owners as well as savvy business owners as it enables you to build your website on autopilot. Hence, it’s quite easily assumable  that they will be of great help when it comes to business name generator service.  

It is no doubt user-friendly and comes up with a lot of names for your business. Also, it demands the least effort from you to overwhelm you with brandable options. You have to put one or two relevant words and the industry. Boom! You have a vast variety of names to choose from. 

Not only that, if you have decided on the name, click on it, and then you can check your domain availability directly from the site. 

Looka - The Best Business Name Generator (AI-Powered)

This AI-powered tool will ease your struggle to find out the most suitable name for your business. Not only that Looka could also be a great choice in terms of creating logo ideas. It gives you options to generate business names by abstract idea or by industry. All you have to do is to add one or more keywords to the search bar. Looka will present a huge variety of names and you can choose from those. Unlike many other business name generators, it will come up with more humane and inspiring options. 

With the help of advanced algorithms, it shows names in five categories. They are - 

  • Traditional names
  • Invented names
  • Compound names
  • Multiword names 

After you get the most positive, unique, and high-quality brand name for your venture, it is super easy to check the domain availability. You will be pleased to see that Looka makes sure whether the social handles are available against your chosen name.

Logo - Free Business Name Generator +

Another hit in the list of business name generators is Logo. Though this site focuses on creating beautiful logos for your business, however, you will be amazed to see their free business name generator. 

Once you put a word that best describes your business, it will take you to a page with a lot of name ideas. Not only that, you will be able to filter names as per styles and your desired domain extension. 

But you may not get all the relevant words. Hence one tip for you is, you should choose your keyword wisely and do not forget to check all the name styles. 

Even if you pick your desired business name from other business name generator tools, you can use this site for creating your unique business logo. You will have enough options to choose from. 

Howtostartllc - Business Name Generator

The name says it all! This site will not only help you come up with perfect names for your business, but it will also guide you through the process of how you can start an LLP. Once you enter your keywords in the search bar and click on next, you will be redirected to a page full of relevant, catchy, short, creative, easy-to-pronounce, memorable, and unique names for your business. Also, you can search based on location if you want to. But if you want to target customers nationally, you can skip this step. 

However, Howtostartllc will show you the result based on .com availability. If ‘yourkeyword’.com is not available, it will show a huge number of alternative results that will match your brand.

FREE Business Name Generator

If you are looking for a business name generator that will allow you to customize at every step, BNG is the right choice for you. Once you get started with entering keywords, you will be redirected to a page where you can use filters (industry and name type) to get the best fit from a variety of unique business name ideas in seconds. The best part of the process is when you click on the ‘plus sign’ beside the desired name, you will be able to see all the domain availabilities automatically. 

Also, apart from your search for a business name idea, you can use the platform for below services - 

  • Agency name generator
  • Artificial intelligence business name generator 
  • Brand name generator
  • Blog name generator
  • Mobile app name generator
  • Product name generator
  • Podcast name generator
  • Username generator
  • Website name generator


Namify is a well-organized site where you can find the perfect name for your business. All you have to do is to put at least two keywords to proceed. You will get thousands of name ideas to pick up from. You can click on any name you like and you will be able to check the domain, social media username, and trademark availability. Also, you will not get many filter options (industry-specific or name style), but you will get an option to shortlist all the opinions you loved at first sight and then you can browse through the chosen ones to fix the final name for your brand.


One of the best and most user-friendly tools is Domainwheel. It is an AI-powered site and you will find this in the intuitive result when you put a few keywords and click the ‘search domain’ button. You can add multiple filters as well. 

For example - domain extension, character count, number of keywords, etc. If you find any of the names catchy, click on the ‘view details’ option and secure the best domain name for your business. Finish up the process by registering the business domain name with the hosting company.

If you want to check with some other creative options that could strike your mind but eventually didn’t, you can go to the option “Would you like something really creative?”

Use something different than the previous keywords to get the mind-boggling options to choose from.

NameSnack - Business Name Generator

The next pick of the list is NameSnack. After entering your keyword, you have to choose the category to generate the best suitable names for your business. There you can find whether .com is available for a particular name. Also, right beside the name and domain availability, you will have the option to get a free logo. It’s a free name generator that will give you a good number of noteworthy brandable name ideas for your business.

Hope you get the best name for your business by browsing through all the options from the list. 

What Is the Next Step?

Once you identify your desired business name, make sure to register the appropriate web domain.

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