ScaleUp Malaysia

professional training & coaching


Scaleup Malaysia is an Accelerator for Malaysian companies looking to scale and grow. We are looking to invest our time, experience and money in Malaysian startups poised for growth and regional expansion. We will work with you to develop your strategy and business models as well as introduce you to investors to secure your next round of funding. Building a great company is hard, but you don't have to go at it alone. We know because we are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, professionals and investors who collectively have founded 9 companies, exited 7 companies and coached a total of 1,000+ Startups and Scaleups. Scaleup Malaysia is founded by the people behind Proficeo, the business consultancy and programme managers of Cradle's Coach & Grow Programme, with an impressive track record of raising funds over RM428 million and coaching almost 500 Malaysian companies in the past 7 years.