Rooted Global Fruit Co.

import & export


An exciting new fresh fruit venture, based in Hong Kong and South Africa. Our two directors, Ryno Palm and Ankia Rabie-Rooted Global Fruit Co. have complementary fruit industry experience and strengths. Fresh produce is sourced from all over the world (Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Egypt, Italy, Peru, Chile, Namibia and South Africa) and sold globally, which gives us a competitive advantage. Citrus, grapes, apples, pears, blueberries and avocados contribute to more than 80% of our sales. Strawberries, pomegranates and stone fruit are also part of our portfolio. We do not limit ourselves to certain commodities. Our directors, Ryno Palm and Ankia Rabie-Gerber, have complementary fruit industry experience and strengths, that give Rooted Global Fruit Co. a solid, vibrant foundation. Being in touch with the market and knowing what is being offered from different origins around the world 24/7 is an amazing advantage. By having a connection in both the origin and destination, we can be relevant with our solutions and current with our offers. We can also provide different commodities to the same customer base all year round. For the past two decades, Ryno was fortunate to be part of big multinational fruit businesses, smaller grower exporters, bigger grower exporters as well as the retail environment. Ankia has lived in Hong Kong for the past four years, and has worked in fruit for the past nine years. She has established a loyal grower and customer base in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China, thanks to her strong market presence. Our business is built on relationships, respect and reliability and we are already experiencing the value of this from clients and growers worldwide. We look forward to building more meaningful relationships and strong trust in the years to come.