Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation

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The Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation (RHRF) was established in 2017 with the aim of enhancing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes in Australia. Their mission is to provide better outcomes for patients, investigate diseases and illnesses, and advance the learning and development of healthcare providers. They have a new grants program that provides $4 million of funding every year over a five-year period. The program aims to make a meaningful difference, especially in the lives of disadvantaged individuals, by addressing social, environmental, and societal factors that have contributed to health inequities in the past. The Chair of the Board, Professor Sir Edward Byrne AC, believes that every Australian should have equal opportunities to live a healthy life. He is proud to lead the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation in their pursuit of better health outcomes and more equitable healthcare through high-quality and innovative research. The foundation's goal is to improve healthcare for all Australians, regardless of their access to care. #research #researchatramsay #ramsayresearch #healthcare