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Wouldn't you rather find out about a great live show before it happens? Jazz Blues Florida is the state's only online promotion platform providing current information to a worldwide audience of live jazz and blues aficionados. Over almost two decades of technological and music industry changes, the Jazz Blues Florida (JBF) platform has grown into the state-wide resource for venues, festivals and artists to connect with audiences efficiently and cost-effectively. Utilizing email, blogging, major social media platforms with AI integration, photography and video, JBF has become an integral part of the Florida music scene and a valued partner to presenters, promoters, agencies and both Florida-based and touring artists. How? Most other sources providing information are passive, meaning they wait for people to visit them. JBF brings that information to the target demographic – before the event – via multiple avenues, including updated regional event listings, 6,000+ blog posts w/2.45+ million reads, email open rates exceeding 48%, postings to our 23,000+ social media contacts, articles about artists performing in Florida that month in our free monthly magazine (no missed publication deadlines ever!) and more. Wait… there's more? Unlike a venue, JBF continues to work past a full house. In 2022 Florida had more than 7 million visitors from overseas, and more than 120 million from the rest of the U.S. and Canada. JBF continues to bring in music fans worldwide through ongoing national and international marketing efforts. How do I get in on this? Managed and published by its founder Charles Boyer since 2006, JBF continues to be a leader, innovator and trusted reference… with no pop-ups. Through 2022, the JBF magazine has featured close to 2,000 artists and more than 5,000 ad placements. Visit jazzbluesflorida.com – every single issue is available for free on the archives page. And make sure you're not not checking out an imitator – we're the real deal.