Innowave LLC

electrical/electronic manufacturing


EMBEDDED SYSTEM / IOT PRODUCT DESIGN System architecture, hardware & software/firmware design. Schematic & Printed Circuit Board design using Altium Designer. RF & EM Simulation using Keysight ADS ensure designs meet performance & regulatory requirements. Industrial & mechanical design. Fast PCB fabrication. We drastically cut development costs with single-pass development by accurate simulation using Keysight ADS. RF RADIO / RADIO COMPONENT DESIGN Our strong ecosystem of partners complements our expertise in RF Designs to handle small & large volume production. We provide component and System-level RF design services using Keysight ADS, using a structured design methodology based on years of design experience. We also do customized radio components design. The radios components we have designed: antennas, mixer, Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Synthesiser, pre-driver, driver, final Power Amplifier, coupler, power controller, antenna switch, harmonic filter, pre-selector filter, Low Noise Amplifier & post-selector filter, Wilkinson power combiner, power combiner and balun. ANTENNA DESIGN Antenna design & simulation using Keysight ADS to verify the frequency of operation, return loss, input impedance, Radiation Pattern, Gain and Efficiency. Our patents & previous work specifically address antenna miniaturization by overcoming theoretical limitations without compromising performance. CERTIFICATION Stringent regulatory requirements have the effect of weeding out most IoT developers trying to bring new products to market. Innowave's in-house expertise in certifying co-located multi-technology wireless products by solving design issues cost effectively is a major differentiator and value proposition to our clients. IP LICENSING Our patents are available to enhance your design's competitive advantage in the market worldwide. In addition to the company's 5 granted patents (6 others pending), the founders share over 60 US and international patents and over 800 citations