Gigaisland LLC

information technology & services


I am often asked what Gigaisland does. My answer is to have the questioner imagine an empty office space with no computers or networking infrastructure. One of the main services that Gigaisland provides is we come in and build out a computing environment complete with computers, servers, networking, security, backup and more. Services for Gigisland's current clients include: Building a computer/networking infrastructure from the ground up Recommending free and paid services to make a business more automated and self sufficient On-call technical support via onsite and remote support Email server and offsite email hosting Research and recommendation of hardware and software Website setup & hosting Firewall and security Onsite and offsite backup Much, much more Our company receives special manufacturer's discounts for the computing equipment we purchase. It is our policy to pass these discounts on to our clients as we consider all our clients our ohana. For more information kindly check our services page. Our mission is to build a bridge of understanding between our clients and the world of computer technology by offering customized information that leads to increased technological awareness and empowerment. Our aim is to increase clarity and expand comprehension in all aspects of new and old technology. Our pledge is to always go the extra mile in order to completely satisfy our clients with our services.