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Real-Time Corporate Performance Management FastClose's real-time Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution represents a paradigm shift in the industry, standing head and shoulders above its competitors that rely on the cumbersome staged database approach. Here's why FastClose's approach is superior: Compatibility: FastClose seamlessly integrates with both on-premise and web-based ERP systems. However you have implemented your ERP, and we can connect to it. Streamlined Processes: FastClose simplifies complex processes, allowing users to perform tasks like planning, budgeting, reporting, and reconciliation effortlessly, directly within the ERP environment. Time and Cost Efficiency: By bypassing the need for a staged database, FastClose reduces the complexity and costs associated with data transfer and maintenance. It streamlines operations, saving valuable time and resources. Data Integrity: Reporting of current data always occurs within the secure ERP database, preserving data integrity and eliminating the risk of inconsistencies that may arise when using mirrored databases. Enhanced Agility: FastClose's real-time capabilities empower organizations to respond swiftly to changing business conditions, making informed decisions based on the most current data available. User Empowerment: With user-friendly features and Excel integration, FastClose empowers users of all levels to create powerful reports and models without the need for extensive IT support. Security: FastClose ensures data security with robust permission settings for reports at user and group levels. This allows for seamless transitions when employees change roles, as new users can easily take over responsibilities. Additionally, security measures can be applied to various ERP elements, enhancing data protection. Reports are time-stamped, providing a clear audit trail for accountability. FastClose's commitment to delivering a real-time CPM solution without the complications of a staged database.