EVolution Therapeutics Ltd



We are EVolution Therapeutics, an innovative biotech spin-out from Aston University with a visionary mission: to revolutionise the treatment of inflammatory diseases, starting with our pioneering work in wound healing therapies. Non-healing wounds have reached crisis proportions within our healthcare system. In 2018, the NHS managed 3.8 million patients for wounds, costing £8.3 billion annually, with £5.6 billion spent on non-healing wounds, (the same cost as managing obesity). Current treatments largely rely on passive wound management strategies (i.e. wound dressings) with the majority of care taking place in the community (54.4 million community nurse visits annually), underscoring the pressing need for advanced wound care therapies. We have a vision of translating our pioneering academic research, into a revolutionary EV based therapy which actively accelerates wound healing, in contrast to current anti-inflammatory and passive wound management treatments. 🤝 Let's Connect and Innovate We firmly believe that collaboration is the driving force behind innovation. If you share our passion for transforming healthcare or have opportunities for partnership, let's connect. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the treatment of inflammatory disease.