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EdLink is committed to improving educational outcomes and supporting leaders seeking a better way. Trusted by a leading professional network, EdLink, serves to identify evidence-based, best practices and connect these solutions to our educational leaders. We believe collaborating will develop effective and lasting improvements in education, ultimately enhancing results for our students, our families, and our communities. If you are looking to support educational organizations (K-12 districts, community colleges, or universities) or an educational organization seeking improved outcomes, EdLink is committed to helping you. With over 30 years of collective experience in the education sector, we are here to support you and your learning community. EdLink understands the complexities impacting today's education market. We work to identify evidence-based solutions through a proven vetting process, and then work with our business partners on strategic growth, branding, successful implementation and ongoing account management for districts of every size and demographic. -Extended Learning and Revenue Protection -Decreased Healthcare and Prescription Costs -Professional Development -Real Estate in K12 and Higher Ed -Enhanced District Communications -Strategic Engagement Connect today: Robert López: Robert@Ed-Link.Org Chris Gocke: Chis@Ed-Link.Org Alejandra Garcia: Alejandra@Ed-Link.Org Jacqueline Solorio: Jackie@Ed-Link.Org Juan Torres: Juan@Ed-Link.Org