management consulting


We are a next-generation management and intelligence consultancy focused on empowering organisations to harness the innovation potential of their people in a digital age. We are focused on using our proprietary management playbooks, in conjunction with the Raykis software platform in order to: - Align strategy & governance to day-to-day operations - Create a framework for efficiently and meaningfully leveraging data in decision-making - Facilitate and grow an innovation culture through greater autonomy, transparency and accountability By leveraging Raykis, whether from a specific playbook or a blank slate, CoAcumen will work with any team within the organisation to define and enable a shared context encompassing: - Promise/vision/strategy - Prioritised business objectives - Transformation outcomes - Internal entrepreneurs - Initiatives or innovation efforts, and; - Intelligence Assets and data transformation efforts The resulting blueprint forms a strategic framework in the cloud; a living asset and communication vehicle for a specific team or across the business, powering and empowering a pliable, agile and connected entrepreneur enterprise.