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Cloudshift21 is the last cloud platform you'll ever need. Build once and then run your fully-featured environment across any class of infrastructure—individually or in any combination you can imagine. That means you can start on your own hardware, scale up using public cloud, change providers at will, spread your DevOps across the world, and then completely repatriate later—all without losing a thing. Our tech is cloud mature, built on open-source software, and engineered to rigorous data compliance standards. Our customers can spin up and start developing in minutes and instantly start saving thanks to our disruptive, all-inclusive pricing model. We were born in the intensive R&D labs of Nokia when they tasked us with developing the technology for a disruptive cloud platform that could handle the most demanding and security-intensive requirements in the global business landscape. The result was something much bigger than what we originally set out to achieve, with both our team and our backers recognizing that the technology offered the opportunity to reset what cloud computing meant to both business and individuals. Each member of our team is a firm believer in the importance of ethical business practices in technology. So we're committed to making Cloudshift21 the better business cloud—that leads by example.