Cloud Creatures

information technology & services


Cloud Creatures is a Technology Solution & Consulting Company focusing on delivering the intriguing web & app solution to a wide horizon of the business segment. SOLUTION CREATURES DIVISION > Comprises of both Consulting & Technology enablement capability team which help to bring disruptive technology transformation to our clients' business. We provide end-to-end business transformation planning and technology delivery to digitize your existing or new business, redefining competitiveness, operation and business model. PLATFORM CREATURES DIVISION > We also build and operates our own technology platform "Noicey", a Platform-as-a-Services solution that positioning to help to strengthen consumer engagement with brands in various aspect. Cloud Creatures focuses on five industry sectors of online and mobile retail services that make up a significant share of consumer spending: Food, Entertainment, Retail Merchandise, Living, and Leisure. We help people use their smartphones to get what they need, any place, anytime, offering the same world-class user experience in all markets. We help businesses to manage their business through intelligence social network platform, delivering innovative digital marketing, brand-to-brand collaboration and provides cutting edge online BI for brand sentiment analysis. We are aiming to change the interaction between consumers and business through the mobile application interface, provide integrated customer experience and behavior analysis to the business and help business to understand customers better, ultimately deliver better services and staying close with them. Our core value "unbiased truth of commerce" for our platform services.