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Choosing the right domain name is a critical decision for any business looking to establish a strong online presence, especially in the competitive American market. With the introduction of the .inc domain extension, businesses in the United States now have an exciting opportunity to secure a domain that instantly communicates their corporate identity. Here's why the .inc domain might just be the best choice for your American business and how it can benefit your USA SEO efforts.

The Prestige of .inc

.inc is shorthand for incorporated, a term widely recognized and respected in the business world. By choosing a .inc domain, you're aligning your business with an air of professionalism and credibility. It signals to customers, investors, and partners that you're a serious, established entity committed to your industry. This level of prestige is particularly important in the United States, where trust and corporate identity can make a significant impact on business success.

SEO Benefits for American Domains

Opting for a .inc domain can also offer SEO benefits, particularly for businesses targeting the American market. Search engines like Google often prioritize local businesses in search results to provide more relevant information to users. Having a .inc domain can help signal to search engines that your business is based in the United States, potentially improving your visibility in American search results.

Protecting Your Brand

By securing a .inc domain, you're also taking a proactive step in brand protection. It's an investment in your company's future, preventing others from registering your business name with the .inc extension. This protects your brand from potential misuse or confusion and solidifies your corporate identity in the digital space.



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Boost your online reputation with a .inc domain, a symbol of trust and professionalism

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Benefit from the simplicity and memorability of a short, memorable domain name.

Brand Recognition

Strengthen your brand’s recognition with this exclusive online asset.

Market Leaders Succeeding With .inc Domains


Why Choose .inc Domain for Your Business

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Get Noticed

.inc domains perform as well as .com in google rankings.

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Build Trust

.inc helps build credibility with a clear domain designed for business

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Save Money

Our flat pricing structure keeps all domains at a set price.

Our Partners

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"The .inc extension signifies business. And it's been great for helping us create a better recall experience for our growing brand."

Andy MacLeay
Senior Director of Growth Strategy
Andy MacLeay
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"We launched our business on Then we upgraded to which is much shorter and matches our brand exactly. We're big fans of our domain"

James McFadden
Founder & Co-CEO
James McFadden
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Brands that use .inc for Investor Relations

Brands that Have Chosen .inc for their Business

.inc Domain as the Primary Website

These companies use their short, exact match domain to host their main website.

.inc Domain For Investor Relations

These companies host their Investor Relations site at their .inc domain.

.inc Domain As A Redirect

These companies redirect their .inc to their main site - ensuring customers find them easily.

.inc Domain To Protect The Brand

These companies do not host a site at their .inc domain - but purchased it to protect their brand

FAQ’s About .inc

How does .inc deter abuse?

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.inc has strict anti-abuse policies and constant monitoring for spamming, phishing, and malware, so your audience can visit your .inc website with confidence.

What are the benefits to owning a premium domain like .inc?

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.inc domains provide instant credibility to build on your brand’s reputation. Buying an equivalent pre-owned domain in the aftermarket can be costly and time consuming. .inc saves you the headache of negotiating high upfront fees with private sellers by making incredible .inc domains available from authorized retailers, with customer support a call or click away.

Are there any requirements to own a .inc domain?

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No. .inc domains can be registered by any individual or business, whether they are incorporated or not, and can be used for any purpose.

What languages can .inc be registered in?

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.inc can be registered in the official languages of over 190 countries and territories. Search in your language of choice at

How does using a .inc domain impact SEO?

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According to Google, .inc domains carry the same weight as .com and .org. In fact, there have been several independent case studies published that conclude new domain endings, such as .inc, improve SEO and reduce CPC costs. Contact us for more information.

From a technical standpoint, is there a difference between .inc and other domain endings?

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No. .inc is ICANN-accredited and functions the same way as other popular domain endings, like .com, .net, and .org.

What should .inc domains be used for?

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.inc domains can be used for anything – from corporate sites to newsrooms, investor relations, employee portals, email, and more. View our featured clients to see how other businesses are using their .inc domains.

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